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Paint My Mailbox Blue

I’m gonna move up to the country,
Paint my mailbox blue.
I’m gonna put some flowers on it, baby,
Trailing vines and dew.

I think it’s brilliant how, in this song, Taj Mahal used decorating the mailbox to represent choosing a laid back life with time to indulge in beauty and quirkiness.  

On a recent afternoon, I found myself looking through photos of one of a kind mailboxes. mailboxbikq05hr  chicken

mailbox  Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico

images  Bainbridge Island, WA
Bainbridge Island, Washington

31810006  broken-china-mosaic-mailbox-2--UDU2Ny04MTQ0MC40NzIyMzY=

il_fullxfull.42158418  Jacksonville Beach, FL
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Greenwood Seattle  396613cb2ae427bf786c97c192604c19
Greenwood, Seattle, WashingtonStuyvesant Town NYCStuyvesant Town, New York, New York

weird_mailbox_2  mailbox_il_fullxfull.340507426

Unknown  Bushwick Collective mail slot NY
Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, New York
(the mail slot is in the mouth)

ss-venice-04Per Denontie Segrete, For Secret Denunciations.” This frightening mail slot at the Doges Palace in Venice, Italy allowed citizens to anonymously report their neighbors’ alleged misdeeds to the authorities. I bet Joseph McCarthy wished he’d thought of that. 

Of course, darling, if you don’t have anything nasty to report, you can always use your mailbox to store your perfume.4b938f30b655958a_breakfastjz.xxlarge


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2 thoughts on “Paint My Mailbox Blue

  1. Antonette DeVito on said:

    Love this!

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