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To and From the Flemings

Remember my two recent postcard finds both addressed to Garnet Eller? Well I just realized two other postcards I selected from the same antique store visit are related–one sent to Mr. and Mrs. Fleming, and one apparently from them! And they both take us to Scandinavia in 1973…

FinlandMarket Square, Helsinki, Finland

My first postcard from Finland! From what I’ve read, Helsinki’s Market Square continues to bustle through spring, summer, and fall, culminating in the historic Herring Market event in October, when fisher(wo)men from Finland’s many islands arrive with their hauls. A newer tradition takes place the first Friday of each month–an American classic car show! 


Hämeenlinna, Finland (Aulanko hotel, judging by the stamp)
Sunday June 10

Hi Betty Lou + Wilson,

We are about to take off again and this time by boat. We are by a beautiful lake and weather beautiful and a little bit warmish. The only rain so far was in Bergen. 

There are only 14 in our tour and its great. We all get along fine. We lost five of original list and six more came in.

Two fellows had a Sauna bath yesterday but not Paul. Both of us have been fighting sore throats but not enough to get us down.

Love Peg + Paul

Addressed to Mr + Mrs Wilson Fleming of San Gabriel, California

“Suomi” on the postage stamp is the Finnish name for Finland.


Najaden restaurant at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Oslo, Norway. Najaden translates to “naiad.”

But it’s the message that hooked me. The senders (apparently the Flemings) traveled from Oslo to Stockholm following the death of Sweden’s popular King Gustaf VI Adolf on September 15, 1973. 

Norway/SwedenStockholm, Sweden
Sept. 18, 1973
Dear Denise + Bill–This is picture of restaurant in Oslo Norway where we dined + danced one nite. Fabulous! Now, we are seeing history in the making with the King’s passing. This A.M. we went to Royal Palace + signed mourner’s list. Tonight we watch at Palace the coffin procession with torchlights. Love Stockholm. We are having fabulous trip. Fantastic! See you.
Love–Wilson + Lovebird

See, there’s Wilson again, and it’s addressed to folks in San Gabriel. I wonder how the Lawlor’s postcard ended up at the same antique store as the one the Flemings received. Perhaps the Lawlors or their children gave it back to the Flemings years later as a memento? Gotta love those Scandinavian mysteries. 

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