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Adirondack Carry

“An Adirondack Carry”IMG_0877lakefunny messageWhile I bought this one for Wally’s message, the Smiths (perhaps Little Jimmy) evidently enjoyed the “Moonlight Scene” enough to tape it to the wall, adding a bonus layer of history. They also seem to have been on vacation at the same time as Wally, since their mail was on hold. Perhaps they sent Wally a postcard telling him about their trip too.

Imagining Wally’s vacation, I wonder if the lodge he stayed at was Oliver Lodge, as the establishment has been the place to stay at Star Lake since its establishment as the Hotel Waldheim in 1895, when it hosted lumber bosses and their guests. 1895 was also the year the railroad came to Star Lake. The lumber bosses depleted the forest by 1907 or ’08, ending Star Lake’s days as a mill town, but the railroad helped transition the area into a fishing resort. It was in 1908 that Hotel Waldheim became Oliver Lodge. As proof of the Oliver Lodge’s class, men were required to wear coat and tie to dinner, but were rewarded with a choice of thirteen desserts.

Wally may have traveled to Star Lake on the Milwaukee Railroad’s Northwoods Hiawatha, as that was the line’s last stop every day of the summer from 1936 to 1943. Change came to the Oliver Lodge in 1945, when it became North Star Lodge–Hintz’s North Star Lodge today. 

There’s a whole page of postcard images documenting this history on Star 
Venice BeachIMG_0881

Vintage postcard reproduction some friends passed on to me from Venice’s newly reopened Rose Cafe. There has been grumbling over the beloved-since-1979 cafe’s posh-ification, but Jonathan Gold found things to like, so I’ll wait to judge. I just hope they still sell their emptied burlap coffee bean sacks for seventy-five cents.

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