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Coopers Rock, West Virginia

I’ve been needing a West Virginia postcard as part of my mission to have all fifty states represented in my collection, and I found one!


Views along Cheat River, W. Va.
View from Cooper Rock is 1800 ft. from River; 2200 ft. above sea-level


Postmark: Aug. 22 9 PM 1911, Morgantown W. Va.

[August] 21st
Well it was a good bit warmer last night and it is awful cold at that. Ernest is out on the river in a boat catching minnows.

Coopers Rock is now the centerpiece of Coopers Rock State Forest, 13 miles east of Morgantown. According to the forest website, the overlook gets its name from a cooper (barrel maker) who hid out from the law there. (Can’t find his crime or the era, please comment if you know!) The spot wasn’t just a temporary hideout, he made a homestead for himself and resumed his work. Townsfolk in need of barrels learned to go to Coopers Rock.

Coopers Rock State Forest is also home to the Henry Clay Iron Furnace, a 30x30x30-foot stone furnace in operation from about 1836 to 1847. Approximately 200 people worked there in that time, producing four tons of iron a day (over 8,800 pounds).  


(Note bicycle in center for scale)


The states I still need in my postcard collection:

North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island

If you live in or visit any of these places, you can help! Send a postcard to:

Allison Strauss
3370 Glendale Blvd. Box 613
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Include your return address, and I’ll send you a postcard in thanks!

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