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Portrait Gallery

Romy the Otter and I visited the Norton Simon Museum yesterday. These were some of our favorites. 

IMG_0536IMG_0537The unusually loose brushwork for the period is because the painting is unfinished! Love the dabs of red on his hat.
IMG_0538IMG_0539de La Tour was a master of pastels. He was so widely imitated, there was concern in the French art world that he was going to put oil painting out of style.
By his cheeky expression, my friend Romy imagined he was thinking, “What you don’t know is, I’m not wearing pants.”
When I purchased the postcard, the woman at the register said she and her coworkers are split as to whether he looks like Kevin Spacey or Hugh Jackman. Who would think there’d be an overlap of the two? But I can definitely see them both.
Bouliar was a female portrait painter who exhibited in the Paris Salon after the French Revolution. In person, her sheer polkadot shawl is really something. Sadly, there seems to be scant information on Bouliar online. 
At the Norton Simon, this painting hangs with 18th century paintings. Its clean uncluttered quality makes it strikingly modern by contrast. 
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