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Happy 2016! The new year brought in a tide of postcards…

IMG_0513Josiah’s Bay on Tortola is one  of the best surfing beaches in the British Virgin Islands.IMG_0514From the Snail Family’s friend, artist Steve DeGroodt


IMG_0518The Tower of Jewels and Central Exhibit Palaces Illuminated Originally published in Views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in Natural Colors 1915IMG_0519

The Panama-Pacific International Exposition was the 1915 World’s Fair, named in celebration of the Panama Canal’s completion in 1914, and the 400th anniversary of Vasco Nuñez de Balboa “discovering” the Pacific Ocean. A telephone line was set from the Exhibition to New York City so east coasters could hear the Pacific Ocean!

 To quote The PPIE website, the 43-story Palace of the Jewels in this postcard “was covered by more than a hundred thousand colored glass “jewels” that dangled individually to shimmer and reflect light as the Pacific breezes moved them.”

For San Francisco, “The Jewel City,” the Exposition was an opportunity to show the world it had recovered from the 1906 Earthquake, more sparkling than ever.


Our friends photographer Barry Schwartz and costume designer Maggie Morgan saw the Jewel City exhibit and picked up these two postcards at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum. The show closes January 10, so if you’re in the Bay Area, hurry on over! 

Barry and Maggie also gave me this postcard:

IMG_0523IMG_0524IMG_0525Leo Politi seems to have been an all-around cool guy, the sort of person we Angelenos would like to think is emblematic of our city. This postcard is one of a series Politi’s family has created from his illustrations.

IMG_0526Music in the public garden, Nice, France, 1900

It’s exactly how the fin de siècle is supposed to look, isn’t it? Like it’s too perfect to have been real!

This postcard just arrived from our friend, illustrator of NY life Antonie Becker.

Thank you Antonie, Steve, Barry and Maggie for starting me off to a good New Year!

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