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Texas Bound

Dear Folks:
I’m writing this high in the air 20 min. out of Philly. Pretty bumpy you will notice.
Love to all,

Caption: All the family–from youngsters to grandparents–share an enthusiastic delight in the distinctive features of united’s great DC-6 Mainliner 300s…special “club-car” seating, spacious fore and aft cabins, air-conditioned comfort, attractive lounges, table-served meals.

Tomorrow, after we buy some U.S. Savings Bonds, Alexandra the Mermaid and I are taking an aeroplane like this (minus every comfort) to The Lone Star State.

img_6551From my friend Korrin of Lovely Handwritten Notes and Wild Wilderness Women. Along with the typesetting, this postcard cracks me up because Korrin is a true child of hippie haven Arcata, California. img_6553img_2444I always feel a little bad about this postcard, but the caption says “Drive Friendly! Watch for armadillos.
img_2762Mama Snail was visiting our laugh-a-minute Dallas cousins. She writes, “I was enjoying myself so much I almost missed my plane.

img_56361Janis Joplin, Port Arthur, Texas, 1969. Photograph by Richard Avedon.

Alex and I are going to Austin, and plan to visit Threadgill’s, where Janis started performing!


The statue commemorates Terry’s Texas Rangers. It’s not exactly aligned with the liberal People’s Republic of Austin, but Austinites can laugh at the story: Formally called the 8th Texas Cavalry (1861-1865), 1,000 volunteers formed ten companies under wealthy sugar planter Colonel Benjamin Franklin Terry (an ironic name considering his political stance), joining in the Civil War in the name of the Confederacy. Terry was killed in their first skirmish. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lubbock, in a hospital with typhoid, was then promoted to Colonel. He died the next day.

Mama Snail writes:
Austin is a beautiful city with a river–there’s a long arching bridge where bats nest underneath and at sundown they come out to feed on the mosquitos–we saw it last night, it’s a big event here. 100s of people and thousands of bats, the full moon over this beautiful river–God what a night.”

She sent me this postcard when I was ten, and I’ve wanted to see the Congress Bridge Bats ever since. 

Well, I’m off to do just that! Check in next week for postcards from Austin!

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