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Love to Afghanistan & Pakistan

Here in Southern California, we’re overdue for an earthquake. The longer we go without one, the bigger it will probably be when it does come. With this in the back of our minds, the recent temblor in the Hindu Kush resonates, and made me think of this postcard:

KorpheKorphe Village, Karakoram Mountains, Northern Pakistan

This gorgeous photograph was taken by Greg Mortenson, mountaineer-turned-humanitarian author of Three Cups of Tea.The postcard is for Mortenson’s non-profit Central Asia Institute, inspired by the need for a school in the village of Korphe, before broadening its sights to villages throughout the region’s remote mountains. I mention this in light of the scandal surrounding The Central Asia Institute’s spending record and inside politics, and accusations of false and/or exaggerated content in Three Cups of Tea.I have no idea of CAI’s credibility, but whatever the case, this is one of my favorite people-postcards.

Korphe isn’t in the Hindu Kush epicenter, but it’s the sort of remote mountain village that’s proving so hard to get aid to, and where people need it most.

Sending love,
San Andreas Fault



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