Snail's Postcard Post


The previous post included a postcard of the extraordinary Friendship Oak and another of bald cypresses with fall foliage. This gave me the idea to devote the next post to trees! img_6641img_6642Anita Bunn’s photographs, digital videos and lithographs focus on the subtleties where vegetation meets sky. Portraying those interfaces as found in unremarkable places in Los Angeles, her work draws viewers to recall the fine detail, subtlety of light, and progressive movement right outside.  IMG_0135IMG_0136“The Indian Banyan (ficus bengalensis), is well known in Hawaii. Best known examples are at the Moana Hotel, Thomas Square, and the Civic Center in Honolulu. On Maui can be found the oldest in the Islands, in Lahaina, measuring 175 feet in its spread.”img_4734“Sausage Tree (kigelia pinnata) A native of South West Africa, cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands as a curiosity. Its strange sausage-shaped fruits are cylindrical, 12 to 30 by 3 to 4 inches. It bears a bell-shaped, purple-red blossom, which blooms only at night.”IMG_0137IMG_0138IMG_0139IMG_0140img_7957“The romantic silhouette of the Lone Cypress at sunset overlooks the Monterey Bay. Located on 17-Mile Drive in Carmel, it is one of nature[‘]s most beautiful attractions on the Central California Coastline.” One of my favorite postcards.The Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach, CAimg_5282This looks like some sort of cedar. Please comment if you know!bryceBryce Canyon National Park, Utah. This looks like a pinyon pine. (Where pine nuts come from.)img_3027This looks to me like a juniper in Southeast Utah. All the postcard says is “Magic Tree”!sequoiaA wooden postcard! In questionable taste? Maybe. I picked it out on a visit in fifth grade.yellowstoneKeeping Old Faithful company, Yellowstone National Park img_7477Storm Peak, Steamboat Springs, Coloradocolorado1Aspen and, I believe, Douglas fir, before Torreys Peak, Coloradoconnecticut

Dogwood vermontMaple trees, Vermont. Another favorite postcard.

And guess what? Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Autumn Equinox. Happy Fall to you all!


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