Snail's Postcard Post

Surfin’ Cow

I keep thinking of The Dead Milkmen song Surfin’ Cow because I just got a Hawaii postcard, and a holstein postcard…

IMG_0128This is a thrift store find. While I have plenty of vintage Hawaii postcards, I liked this one for the two little swimmers–the landscape is neither void of nor dominated by a human presence.

IMG_0125This Wisconsin dairy farm postcard comes from writer Andrea Ellickson, who discovered the first holstein snail:IMG_0126Thank you, Andrea!

As you can see, this postcard arrived in my P.O. Box some time ago, but I didn’t get it till recently. When my P.O. Box is empty for long stretches, I tend to stop checking it because it makes me sad. Make me a happy snail and keep me checking the box by sending a postcard of your own to:

Allison Strauss
3370 Glendale Blvd. Box 613
Los Angeles, CA 90039

As always, if you include your return address (which will never be featured on Snail’s Postcard Post), I’ll send you a postcard back!img_4440


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