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Find the Flag

IMG_9924IMG_9925Look at all the languages the heading is in. Now I know how to write “postcard” in 16 languages! Interesting for such an all-American postcard. 

It was sent to the Snail Family friend Judith’s grandfather, George C. Jones, in the Navy. Check out more of Sailor George’s postcards here.IMG_9926IMG_9927IMG_9928Caption: Oldest house in the U.S., St. Francis Street, St. Augustine, FLA.

This site was first built upon by Spanish colonists in the 1600’s. The present Gonzalez-Alvarez house was completed in 1723 and may well be the oldest standing house in the United States. (St. Augustine, est. 1565, is considered the nation’s oldest city, but the house’s claim is rivaled by a Spanish house in Santa Fe and the Acoma Pueblo west of Albuquerque.) The house is significant for its traces of Spanish colonial, British colonial and turn-of-the-century American times, giving it the name “the house under three flags.” IMG_9929IMG_9930General Ulysses S. Grant attended the opening of the Grand Union Hotel Opera House on July 4, 1865.IMG_9931For histories of the Vanderbilt Hotel and Saratoga’s Grand Union Hotel, see the post on Hotels of the EastIMG_9932img_9164Why the “New” Cliff House? That too is answered in Sailor George’s Postcards.IMG_9934IMG_9935IMG_9936To quote the hotel’s website, “Every U.S. president has visited The Brown Palace since Teddy Roosevelt (1905), with the exception of Calvin Coolidge.”IMG_9940White House South Lawn view. (From a Washington D.C. mini postcard book)IMG_9939Union Station, Washington D.C.IMG_9941IMG_9942Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peaceIMG_9943IMG_9944IMG_9945IMG_9946IMG_9947Coney Island, 1904IMG_9948

P.S. This is Snail’s Postcard Post’s 325th post!

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