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IMG_9901IMG_9908My first postcard from Bermuda! A place I know nothing about besides its famous shorts. So I did a little reading, and learned that the island measures just 20.6 square miles, and that Hamilton is its capital with a population of 1,010. It’s also home to Bacardi headquarters. And Hamilton has a sweet coat of arms:  220px-Hamilton_Bermuda_city_crest

IMG_9902I was surprised a park in freezing St. Paul, Minnesota had an open air lily pond. Turns out, it used to be heated! The lily pond was created in 1895, and this postcard too is from the turn of the century. Toward the end of the twentieth century, the manmade pond became dilapidated, unable to retain water, but is now under renovation. Hurrah!IMG_9903IMG_9904

“View in the Park, Pine Forest Inn, Summerville, S.C.”


March 10, 1925

Dear Sister,
Here we are in S.C. Arrived Sunday night. It is beautiful down here. The trees are covered with a grey-green moss which hangs in great festoons and makes it look like fairy land. The azaleas and camellias are in bloom and the wisteria is budded; so I expect it will be a real fairy land in a short time. Will be here four weeks. Love, Bert. 

I found a listing of an Augusta Vollick born in 1875, who passed away in 1968 in Los Angeles.

As for Pine Forest Inn, the resort opened in 1891, providing R&R for the wealthy in sickness and in health. Theodore Roosevelt stayed here during his presidency in 1902.

According to a Dorchester County history page, the inn offered 150 apartments, and five rental cottages. The main hall, with a pine floor, was filled with over 100 rocking chairs. Can you imagine the sound of so many people rocking? The Park here was home to a grand golf course and a stable with 50 horses. There was also shuffleboard, billiards, and three bowling alleys. For the businessman, the inn had a telegraph office and a long-distance telephone service. There was a house orchestra too. When Bert sent this postcard in 1925, the Charleston dance would have been all the rage. 

Summerville is just north of Charleston, and Bert’s description reminds us what a beautiful region it is. The South’s beauty has always been haunting because of its dark history. I wouldn’t want to share this postcard without acknowledging the recent shooting in Charleston at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the United States’ oldest black churches.

Sending love, no stamp necessary.  

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