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Look what I picked up in Chinatown (Los Angeles) yesterday:IMG_9858

IMG_9859IMG_9860I noticed this postcard because of the hand-coloring. I didn’t exactly like the card, but found it so strange I couldn’t put it down. None of the young women would be considered beauties by today’s standards. Were they really considered so in 1900, or were they just local girls who happened to get rounded up for the photo?

The setting is bizarre too. The photographer wanted the young women in a forest and on a rug, with potted plants thrown in for good measure.

As I stood in the shop with this card in my hand, the young woman in yellow toward the right caught my eye. Doesn’t she seem more modern  than the others? I often notice this in antique photos; Something about a certain person will make them look ahead of their time. Not only does the woman in yellow have a contemporary hairstyle, but an air of confident directness, don’t you think? 

More like this woman in 1958:IMG_9861IMG_9862Hi Dolores,
Now how would you like to ride this one? Nice big saddle–no? –Grandma is having a ball honey hope you are too. Be good for Momie + give them my best. Love Gr + Gr.IMG_9863Found this postcard captioned “On the Range” at one of South Pasadena’s antique shops, along with the postcard below. I guess I was in the mood for some midcentury animal husbandry…IMG_9864IMG_9865 Marineland of the Pacific opened in Palos Verdes, California in 1954. In the late 1970’s, Marineland became associated with Hanna-Barbera animation, and in 1987 it was bought by SeaWorld. Six weeks after the sale, the park closed under shady circumstances, with drains filled in with cement and the animals trucked to San Diego in the middle of the night. Among the animals were Marineland’s star orcas, Orky and Corky. Corky was renamed Shamu.IMG_9866

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