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Arizona Road Trip

The Snail Family recently returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon! 

I decided to send a postcard to Antonie, who sent us the lovely postcards in the previous post.IMG_9610IMG_9611

Also sent a postcard to Korrin:IMG_9612IMG_9613IMG_9614

Korrin has relaunched Lovely Handwritten Notes and she’s brought me and another friend on board, so check it out for more tidbits from your favorite snail!

And a third postcard for Grandma and Grandpa Snail:IMG_9615IMG_9616IMG_9617I actually got these postcards, not at the Grand Canyon, but at Cameron Trading Post, in the pioneer town of Cameron. The town lies within the Navajo Nation today, and the tribe manages the trading post. 

IMG_9683IMG_9684A few more postcards from Cameron:IMG_9681We didn’t visit Monument Valley this trip, though I have had the pleasure previously. Like Cameron, the iconic national monument lies within the Navajo Nation, and I loved this photo of elders creating sand paintings there. 

Sand paintings are created in tandem with chanting. They illustrate a given story-telling chant, summoning assistance from the gods. The Diné (Navajo) word for sandpainting translates as “the place where the gods come and go.” The painting in this postcard seems to be for the harvest. Please comment if you understand it in better detail!

I’m going to drop this postcard in a friend’s mailbox today for her birthday. She used to do a lot of art, and wants to get back into it.IMG_9682IMG_9685IMG_9686IMG_9687“Hopi maiden, Hoo-n-ym-pka” Photograph by Adam Clark Vroman, 1901.

You can always tell the traditional Hopi women by their striking “squash blossom” hair style. 

As well as a Southwest enthusiast, Adam Clark Vroman was a bibliophile who founded Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA in 1894. Vroman’s continues to be one of the largest independent bookstores in Southern California and a regular haunt of mine, so it was funny encountering Mr. Vroman far from home.  

Right by the trading post, I was pleased to find the Cameron Post Office:IMG_9557I was also delighted to come across the Topock, Arizona post office on our drive homeward:IMG_9668In an unincorporated town of 1,790 people, you can reach out to anywhere in the world so long as there’s a post office. And it’s often that post office that puts the town on the map. Essentially, the post office is one of the first indicators of civilization.

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