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Postcards from Antonie


The Snail Family’s friend Antonie Becker sent us this postcard, announcing that she and her brother, who lives in Pinedale, Wyoming, organized an exhibition of their father Kenneth Perrin Becker‘s paintings at the beautiful library there. 

It was a bit daunting ,”Antonie writes, “but somehow I did it. The adobe walled gallery in the library is gorgeous as is the whole library.”

Devoted to Western landscapes, it seems Ken Becker’s paintings couldn’t have found a more fitting venue. Here’s a postcard I’ve shared before of one of his works:img_9115img_9116The library exhibition closes at the end of April, so hurry on over if you’re in Sublette County!

Always thoughtful, Antonie also sent us this postcard in condolence for Grandma’s Snail’s death:IMG_9504Caption: Mainstreet, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1931. Photograph by Walker Evans.  

This postcard was very appropriate, since Grandma Snail’s urban, Depression-era childhood played a tremendous role in shaping her character and career in city government.

I also  like the contrast between this postcard and the Wyoming one. I sort of see them as halves of Antonie’s world–urban sophistication and the peace of wide open spaces.

Thank you, Antonie!

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