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Last post, I shared this doozy of a postcard:IMG_9353IMG_9354(I couldn’t find any information about this tiki bar or its talented proprietor, and would still love to hear if you have some info. Please comment!)

I found this fabulous reproduction postcard at Los Angeles’ counter-culture emporium Wacko Soap Plant, along with several others, all representing quintessentially midcentury American businesses. IMG_9372IMG_9373Founded in 1947, Buck Lake Ranch is an 80 acre vacation ranch drawing families from the tri-state area of Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Visitors can camp in tents or trailers, and there may still be cabins for rent. For amusement, the ranch offers boating, hiking, games, and most importantly, country music. Everyone on the Grand Ole Opry circuit has stopped at Buck Lake Ranch, earning it the nickname “Nashville of the North.” Gene Autry, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton… Check out this preview for a documentary about the ranch’s musical history.IMG_9370Dad’s building the fire (what’s he holding?) to cook the fish Brother caught, and Mom prepared something to go with. All Sister has to do is sit there and look pretty. What’s to worry about when you have a Silver Streak trailer? IMG_9371Proudly built in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles. I had no idea! But it makes sense, because it turns out the trailer company (Curtiss-Wright) that Silver Streak bought out in 1948 or ’49, also manufactured airplane engines! (The LA area owes much of its growth into a metropolis to airplane manufacturing, and later aerospace development.) Silver Streak trailers continued to roll off the line through 1997. 

The Silver Streak in the postcard appears to be a a 17-foot long 1964 SS Sabre. There are pictures of one and information about the company on the “Tin Can Tourists” Silver Streak wiki pageIMG_9375IMG_9376IMG_9377Dale Brahms must have been in cahoots with Bingo Bavootski because I can’t find anything about the School of Better Barbering either. Please comment if you know about it!

can venture that this photograph is from 1960, because the first barber is sporting a “Kennedy for President” campaign button. 


Hot towel, anyone? Drinks? A day at the lake?

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