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Pints of Grog and Pants of Green

IMG_9353IMG_9354I can’t find any information on this tiki bar or its talented owner, but I’m sure some folks remember Bingo and the Rin Tin Bar, as there couldn’t have been many places to get your luau on in Omaha. Please comment if you have any info! IMG_9355IMG_9356This classic L.A. pub and restaurant was founded by British Invasion bassist Kim Gardner and his wife Paula in Laurel Canyon. The Cat & Fiddle soon moved to Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, establishing itself in a 1929 adobe courtyard building that had housed movie wardrobes and served as a commissary for the nearby studios. In this tradition, the Cat became a go-to place for wrap parties. 

Kim passed away in 2001, but Paula and their daughter Ashlee kept the Cat & Fiddle family-operated. (Eldest daughter Eva is a bassist like her father, most recently touring with Pink.) They are currently scouting for a new location (the typical case of a greedy landlord), and the Cat is taking a nap. IMG_9357img_5984State Museums of Berlin
Capital of the German Democratic Republic (East Berlin till 1990)
Museum of Islamic Art
Portrait of a Woman
Indian (Mughal?), early 18 c.IMG_9358Spoof of Vasily Perov’s “Hunters at Rest” 1871unknown-1
The postcard is from a series, poking fun at old Russia as nostalgically represented by the Peredvizhniki school of painters. The postcards advertise a themed restaurant in Saint Petersburg called Russky Kitsch. IMG_9359IMG_9361IMG_9362Jan Steen often illustrated proverbs. This one means a bad example has a bad outcome. Steen was not a moralist, however, but creating a joking scene. The child smoking a pipe and his elder brother playing the bagpipes is a play on the title. The grandmother is actually singing. The proverb appears on the sheet music she’s holding. I love this painting knowing Steen featured his own family!IMG_9363Detalles españoles by Michael BryIMG_9365Photo from 1936 when the ship was completed.

Here the craftsmen are putting on the finishing touches:IMG_9366When weary of drinking you can watch the sea in three directions and vice versa.” Cabin Class = First Class, by the way. Tourist Class (Second), wasn’t too shabby either…IMG_9367

IMG_9368The Know Where Bar in Hollywood is named after a bar in 1960s Chicago, and founded by the grandson of the original’s owner.IMG_9368


Looking for postcards from Ireland? Check out this post. Boston postcards too!

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