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Hotels of the World


Shinjuku, Tokyo
Adding to the 1,400+ guest rooms are two new Hello Kitty-themed ones.

img_7637The postcard above and the one below are from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria circa 1982. Development of the summer resort started in 1958. Today, over 100 hotels crowd approximately 6 miles of Black Sea coastline. If you can identify the hotels in these postcards, please comment!img_7635IMG_9345(Herengracht is the canal)

Mama Snail writes, “All these (the 5 center) tall narrow houses are my hotel–they’re all connected inside. You enter at the white one. Rooms are very high-ceilinged with tall with tall windows. My room is all white and blue–it’s very very elegant.”

The Ambassade Hotel hosts many authors on tour. Each guest writer signs a copy of his/her book to the hotel. The books are kept in what has become an inspiring library. The hotel also prides itself on its collection of Amsterdam Impressionist paintings and works from the midcentury CoBrA avant-garde. img_9239Hotel Royal Palace, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Postmarked 1966
img_7856Château Frontenac, Quebec, Canada. Established 1893.

Château Frontenac was built for the Canada Pacific Railway. In financing luxurious destinations, the CP Railway drew wealthy travelers who wanted to journey across Canada. Since then, guests have included Queen Elizabeth, Charles Lindberg, and Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco by then). Alfred Hitchcock filmed I Confess (1953) at the hotel, and the Allied leaders convened there during WWII. Called the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac today, it is the most photographed hotel in the world. 


call Room Service and order three Pilsener Beers for Nanny and one meringue
 glacée for me ELOISE and charge it please
Thank you very much”

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