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Aboard the Queen Mary in 1936

As promised, here is one of the postcard series Mama Snail and her fiance brought back from their night aboard the Queen Mary. They’re not really postcards, as they’re printed on photo paper and not intended for mailing, but I like ’em just the same.IMG_8876

If you’re not familiar with the Queen Mary, she’s a luxury ocean liner from 1936, when this photo series was taken. A ship for trans-atlantic crossings, early passengers included Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, George and Ira Gershwin, Mary Pickford, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Queen Mary and her sister ship, the Queen Elizabeth–not referring to Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I’s relationship–“Mary” is for current king Edward V’s wife–were the largest and fastest ocean liners in the world at the time. This proved handy when she was painted gray and served as a troopship in WWII, earning the nickname the Gray Ghost.

Ghosts, in fact, have come out since the ship was retired in 1967. Spending her golden years in Long Beach, California, where she serves as a hotel, museum and event space, staff and guests frequently encounter strange phenomena and see spirits that indeed reflect the Queen Mary’s history.

The other big part of the Queen Mary’s image is its art deco glamor. Even third class wasn’t too shabby… IMG_8887

Third Class Dining RoomIMG_8882Third Class Smoking RoomIMG_8884Third Class Stateroom

Above that was the Tourist Class:IMG_8883LoungeIMG_8885Swimming PoolIMG_8879Dining RoomIMG_8886Smoking RoomIMG_8891Stateroom

And then there was First/Cabin Class:IMG_8888Main LoungeIMG_8878Swimming PoolIMG_8890Dining RoomIMG_8881Smoking RoomIMG_8889SuiteIMG_8880StateroomIMG_8892Forward Cocktail Bar

Next I’ll post a photo series of the craftsmen and artists creating these stunning interiors, so check back soon!

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