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IMG_8858IMG_8859IMG_8860IMG_8861IMG_8862IMG_8863IMG_8864As I’ve written before, Advanced Style is the only blog I check in on throughout the week. And now there’s a documentary! If you’re not familiar with the world of Advanced Style, the film will indoctrinate you!IMG_8865IMG_8866
I also recently acquired a pack of vintage postage stamps! I think I’ll incorporate them into some postcard collages.IMG_8869

This stamp was released the day before the dedication of Everglades National Park in 1947. As of then, it was one of the best selling stamps in the history of the US Postal Service. IMG_8871IMG_8870(150th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans)

IMG_8868This 1986 stamp commemorates a pioneer in higher education for women. Mary Lyon established what are now Wheaton College (1834) and Mount Holyoke (1837), where she served as the first president.  

Like most farm kids, Mary Lyon and her six siblings had to work hard from an early age, even more so because their father died when Mary was five. Their mother later remarried and moved away with her new husband. Thirteen year-old Mary was left behind, and supported herself by keeping house for her brother who took over the farm. She earned one silver dollar a week.

It seems apt that Lyon would become an evangelist of a self-denying strain of Christianity. It’s also no wonder that her education was intermittent for years. But once she got going, she became passionate about making education accessible to young women from financially modest families. 

When Mount Holyoke opened, Lyon limited tuition to $60 a year, about a third the cost of other “female seminaries” in Massachusetts. Costs were kept low through a work/study system for all students. (Emily Dickinson attended the school in 1847, and had the job of cleaning knives.) Tuition was low, but the rigor of the entrance exam was high. The curriculum emphasized the sciences, introducing women to laboratory experiments and field study. Students also did P.E. every day, as Lyon had the radical belief in daily exercise for women. IMG_8867“Pacific 97,” the 1997 International Stamp Exhibition in San Francisco, only the ninth show of its kind. The exhibition commemorated the 150th anniversary of the USPS issuing its first postage stamps. This blue stamp and its red counterpart depict the means of mail transportation to the US West Coast in the 19th century–the clipper ship and the stagecoach.3958(internet image)

I remember when these came out, and how fun they were to piece together on an envelope (or postcard!). I think it’s about time the USPS releases some more triangular everyday stamps.triangle_USA_SS(internet image)

Finally, look what Mama Snail and her fiance gave me… IMG_8872IMG_8873They recently spent a night aboard the Queen Mary, and brought back two sets of postcards, each of photographs from the ship’s early days in the 1930s. Come back again soon to see! 

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