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IMG_8364Maurizio Cattelan Hollywood 2001

The fact that a temporary advertisement for a real estate development has become the most recognized symbol of a city like Los Angeles is a testament to the power of signage. IMG_8367IMG_8368IMG_8372“Paramount” (Paramount Pictures premiere movie palace and NY headquarters) “Hotel Claridge” “Loewe State” “Allan Jones”

“Hotel Astor”
Trivia! As early as the 1910s, the Hotel Astor bar looked the other way with gay patrons. Though a more buttoned up scene than some of New York’s automats, the Astor Bar became a popular rendezvous among gay men, even gaining a reputation as a pickup bar. 

The fact that The Lone Ranger was playing dates this postcard to 1938.
The “International Casino” on the sign beneath “Criterion” was the movie palace’s lavish Art Deco nightclub and restaurant. (No gambling involved. Thanks for the info It’s All The Streets You Crossed blog!) IMG_8373Inge Morath, New York City, 1957 “Shubert Theatre”

IMG_8374“By’s Tavern” “Firestone Tires” “Louvre Hotel” “Miller’s” “Sears” “Safeway” “Stacey’s Studio Portraits”  IMG_8375Omaha, Nebraska 1934IMG_8376IMG_8377IMG_8378IMG_8379City Lights Bookstore 50th Anniversary, San Francisco, June 2003IMG_8381IMG_8383From the series The Streets of Downtown, L.A. In Pictures by Alveraz Ricardez. Ricardez gives a nod to Downtown shutterbug king Gary Leonard, by shooting in front of the Take My Picture, Gary Leonard! gallery as hinted at by the window signs in the background.IMG_8384Los Angeles Railway #5 pulls up at Santa Fe Railway’s “La Grande Station” at Santa Fe and 2nd Street in 1897. IMG_8385IMG_8386Patricia Chidlaw White’s Motel, oil on canvas 2003 IMG_8389Chateau Frontenac, Quebec

The immediate and often universal recognition of certain signs has inspired many a designer…IMG_8390IMG_83913,000,000 Bricks
26,450,000 Tons of Cement
7.5 Kilograms of Gold 
Several Years of Work

This postcard commemorates the reconstruction of The Church of the Fyodor’s Icon of the Mother of God in St. Petersburg. Consecrated in 1913 in celebration of the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty, the church was closed, used as a dairy barn, and largely destroyed in the Soviet era. IMG_8392IMG_8393(Vacation is a record shop of all new releases in Los Angeles’ Silverlake Sunset Junction.)IMG_8394Lee Friedlander Estes Park, Colorado 1981IMG_8395Photo by Neal AckerlyIMG_8396David Hockney Pearblossom Hwy., 11-18th April 1986, #2 photo collageIMG_8397IMG_8398Lava flow, Big Island, Hawaii

Mind the signs!

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  1. pseudonym on said:

    Dip but no Chips photo is one from a series of road sign alterations in the New Mexico Bootheel, not from Texas. See article in Focus Magazine Volume 46, No. 1

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