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Vintage Views from Near and Far

I sat down to breakfast this morning to find a cheetah print envelope in front of my chair. Inside were five antique postcards! It was a gift from the Snail Family’s friend  Peggy Dobreer , who spreads light wherever she goes.

IMG_8351IMG_8352“The Pearl of Safod” 

“Safod” refers to the Galilee city of Safad, as it’s called in Arabic. (It’s called Safed in English, and Tzfat in Hebrew.) 


IMG_83531921…The young woman on the postcard would have been living during the British Mandate for Palestine, and her city would have been a mix of Arabs and Jews. 

Here’s how the surrounding landscape looked:IMG_8356IMG_8357“Mountain view of Sea of Galilee and surroundings”
(The Sea of Galilee is marked as Lake Tiberias on the map above.)

Although the terrain may not look mountainous to many of us, the fact that it’s 2-3,000 feet above sea level is unusual in the region. In fact, at 2,953 feet up, Safed is the highest city in Israel.  

And the last postcard from the series:

IMG_8354IMG_8355These are my first postcards from the Middle East!

Now–to quote Monty Python–for something completely different…IMG_8358IMG_8359I’m not readily finding any information about women in the South Vietnam reserve. If you know something about it, please comment!

Another band of women working for a cause:IMG_8360IMG_8361
Thanks for these great postcards, Peggy!

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