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Claudia Kunin

This weekend, the Snail Family got to visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology at night, for a screening of a film by our friend, photographer Claudia Kunin

The Museum of Jurassic Technology has hosted Claudia’s work before, as they’re a perfect fit for each other.  In love with early Americana (Colonial, Civil War era, Western), Claudia’s exquisite photographs conjure these periods like a medium at a seance. Known for her ghostly 3D photography, Claudia has been branching into 3D motion pictures. Her film we saw this weekend was one such work. In the museum’s 14-seat screening room, we put on our electronic 3D glasses and entered, this time not into early America, but into the photographer’s own family history.

Claudia’s mother was a Holocaust survivor. Like many survivors’ children, Claudia grew up with only a vague knowledge of her mother’s experience. But recently, Claudia decided to do some research, and discovered how lucky she was to be alive. Her mother, Charlotte Kunin, was an Austrian girl born out of wedlock to a Jewish father. As a young woman during WWII, Charlotte worked at a bank that happened to be the bank of choice for the Nazi Party. When the Nazis found her “guilty” of being a Jew, one of the heads of the bank interceded on her behalf. So Charlotte survived to meet an American soldier, whom she married and followed to the U.S. where Claudia was born. 

As Claudia pieced together this history, she recognized her next project. By delicately animating the photographs and documents she uncovered in her research, she created a film about how a small but brave act could change the course of a life…and the life to come.

Click here to see the trailer!  

The final player in the story of how our friend’s life was possible, was a doctor who saved her life as soon as it began–Claudia needed a blood transfusion at birth. The doctor who performed the transfusion was in the audience with us. The day of the screening was Claudia’s sixtieth birthday.

In her honor, I thought I’d re-share some postcards from Claudia’s past exhibitions reminding us of the people who came before, and the mysteries of life.  img_6639

Mother’s Hands 1999img_6640

img_4000img_4001img_6819In another synthesis of old and new technology, this postcard is meant to be viewed with 3D glasses, simulating the effect of a stereograph view. Check out the rest of the series here. Number 13 features Mama Snail’s hand. She wrote a poem about it!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog today. As a stamp collector I like your banner showing all the stamps.

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