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Mail Call!

Don’t you love it when there’s real mail in the mailbox?



My first postcard from Turkey! From a former student of Mama Snail’s. Thank you Ilir!

The region of Cappadocia, I learned, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its “fairy chimney” rock formations and cities carved into the soft rock. The ancient city of Göreme is of particular historical interest as it is underground, truly within the rock. Early Christians devised Göreme to be hidden, carving cave-like churches and a network of traps and defenses. Today, hot air ballooning is a popular way of seeing this curious landscape.   



Thanks, Tobey, for parting with one of your favorite postcards on my behalf. I love it! And I always know a Tobey card by its stickers.IMG_8132


IMG_8134Can’t wait to learn about the artist (will update here) and see some pictures of Cat’s trip to Paris. Cat Gwynn is a photographer, after all. IMG_8144

Want to send me a postcard from your own summer travels (or anything else)? Write to:

Allison Strauss
3370 Glendale Blvd. Box 613
Los Angeles, CA 90039

If you include your return address, I’ll send you a postcard back! Below are two I just picked up. Will they appear in your mailbox?IMG_8136


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