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IMG_8070 This is a reproduction of an advertisement postcard probably from the 1900s-1910s. J&P Coats was founded a century before in Scotland by the brothers James and Patrick Clark. The Clarks worked in the silk and loom business. At the turn of the 19th century, France blocked the export of silk thread to Britain. In response, Patrick devised a way to twist cotton strands into thread. James then opened a cotton mill to produce the new thread. In the 1830’s, James’ sons, James (Jr.) and Peter, went into their father’s business, naming it J&P Coats.

Because the thread was made of cheaper material (cotton, not silk), the company reassured consumers of its strength through advertisements like this:800px-Gulliver_and_the_Liliputans,_trade_card_for_J._&_P._Coats_spool_cotton,_late_19th_c

This “Gulliver and the Lil[l]iputians” postcard (not mine, an internet image) was created somewhere between 1875 and 1900. 

J&P Coats expanded internationally, and proved especially successful in the United States where sales continue to this day. 

220px-J_&_P._Coats_Best_Six_Cord,_200_yds,_50_back Late 19th c. ad for the American branch

*** IMG_8075A bull moose at the foot of Mt. Moran (elev. 12, 594 ft.). Carved by glaciers, the mountain range–the Tetons–got their name from 19th century French fur trappers who referred to the peaks as tits. I wonder what they would have thought of the this next postcard…IMG_8074Chiricahua National Monument is located in the far southeast corner of Arizona in what was once Apache territory. Geologists believe the area’s famous rock columns are the remains of a long period of volcanic eruptions approximately 27 million years ago. 

***IMG_8076Andy Warhol was such a quote master! At first he sounds flippant, but then I find myself continuing to consider his words. Granted, some quotes have been misattributed to him, but that too makes them Warholian!

This postcard just arrived from my friend Korrin, the gal behind the Lovely Handwritten Notes project.

IMG_8077“It is one of those nights where I should be fast asleep by now, but I started writing letters and now am unable to stop! I love having a craft table to work at during these night hours. Creative space is good space in my mind.”

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