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Black & White Photography

Just picked these up at Vroman’s Bookstore.
Ian Tilton was the first European rock photographer to catch onto Nirvana. Most associated with the 1980’s Manchester UK music scene, Tilton travelled to Seattle in 1990, where he captured Kurt Cobain backstage. Cobain was overwhelmed by the size and energy of the crowd at Motor Sports International Garage. Able to hold 1500 people, the old parking garage hosted concerts for two years (1990-91) before its demolition. On September 22, Nirvana played with The Melvins, The Dwarves and The Derelicts, resulting in a fabled number of moshing related injuries in the crowd. It was the first time Nirvana performed “In Bloom.” It was also the first time Dave Grohl saw the band. Nirvana was going through drummers faster than guitar strings until Grohl joined up a few months later. IMG_8024Greta Garbo, Mata Hari, 1932. Photograph by C.S. Bull
C.S. Bull was head of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer’s stills department for nearly forty years. He is best known for his Garbo shots, working with her from 1926 to 1941.IMG_8025

Couple d’amoureux dans un petit café, quartier Italie
(Lovers in a small cafe, Italian quarter)
Paris, c. 1932. Photograph by Brassaï 

Born Gyula Halász in Brasso, Transylvania, Brassaï took his professional name from his hometown when he started working in Paris. While many photographers of the 1930’s turned the medium’s realism on the harsh realities of life, Brassaï was something of an escapist, devoted to charming, artfully constructed scenes like this one, where the lovers’ individual reflections appear behind each other. While this may be pooh-poohed as contrivance, it evidences the complicity between the subjects and the photographer. 

Are you ready for your closeup?


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