Snail's Postcard Post

It Takes Two

In honor of today being Snail’s Postcard Post’s second anniversary (first post July 2, 2012), I thought I’d put the spotlight on postcards featuring duos. IMG_7989IMG_7991IMG_7992IMG_7995

photograph taken in Summit, CaliforniaIMG_7993

The Mittens”IMG_7996IMG_8004

“Using a 19th century French schoolgirl’s composition book as the foundation, the work explores the notion of balance: kinship of opposites, intimacy and tension, fantasy and reality, alienation and belonging.” Check out Karen Green’s website too!IMG_7997(I believe this illustration is by Allison Cole)IMG_8012The Archdiocese cathedral of Venice, Basilica di San Marco was consecrated in 1071. These Greek horses, however, date back to classical antiquity and have seen many momentous events. Trotting around the Hippodrome of Constantinople, they were sent to Venice in 1204 when Constantinople was sacked in the fourth crusade. Napoleon then took them to Paris in 1797. Returning from France in 1815, they had their coats brushed, hooves scraped and a lot of other restoration before being rewarded their carrots and stationed before St. Mark’s again. In the 1990′s, they went into retirement, now grazing in the museum of St. Mark’s Basilica, while two new horses stand guard out front.


IMG_7999img_6620VermontIMG_8001IMG_8002IMG_8003IMG_8005IMG_8006As Offramp’s press release for Countries of Origin explains, these works are “intricate landscapes of Asian container shipping ports, using recycled product packaging from the sites themselves. Delicately cut, folded, and pinned to the walls with multi-colored map pins, Kolonusz-Partee’s constructions become panoramic pastiches of buildings, roadways, cranes and ships. By exploring these industrial landscapes Kolonusz-Partee hopes to better understand where all the “stuff” demanded by the west is really coming from[, and t]he environmental and human sacrifices being made in the East’s efforts to rapidly develop” IMG_8007IMG_8010If you’re not familiar with this one of a kind theater that has charmed generations of Angelenos, check out www.bobbakermarionettes.comIMG_8008IMG_8009IMG_8011IMG_8013IMG_8014IMG_8016As Eloise put it:IMG_8018IMG_8019

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