Snail's Postcard Post

Snail’s Birthday

I just had a birthday, and received some delightful cards. Looking through birthday cards from years past, I noticed that many came in the form of postcards. I thought I’d share them and other favorites.


Anna gave me this 3D postcard for my 20th birthday. For my 18th birthday, she gave me this miniature card, probably adapted from a turn of the century postcard from Burma.
IMG_7759  IMG_7789

You are officially an old fart & I’d like to welcome you to the AARP & senior citizen community here in LA. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the crafts & temperate weather.

For my 16th birthday, Mama Snail also chose a card adapted from turn of the century travel memorabilia:IMG_7760I got this card for you because 16 doesn’t seem so much a destination as a brie stop-over on the adventure you’ve begun. Stop, refuel, do your laundry, have a good meal, sleep in clean sheets and, fortified, continue on your way.”

For my 22nd birthday, Mama Snail gave me another card representative of my life:IMG_7761But usually, Mama Snail makes her cards, like this one:IMG_7762IMG_7763And this linoleum block print:IMG_7764

Angelina, meanwhile, often chooses postcards for my birthday:

IMG_7765   IMG_7766IMG_7767

Here’s a card from Andrew based on a 1940’s postcard:IMG_7768The original Farmers Public Market was opened in 1934. It is a colorful and unique outdoor food market patronized by housewives and motion picture stars. It is the world’s largest market.” (Not anymore, but it’s still bustling.)


Among my most precious birthday cards are those from my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Hart. For my 9th birthday, she gave me this postcard:IMG_7775IMG_7777

For my 10th birthday, I received a postcard-based card, in which Mrs. Hart wrote something of a fable:

IMG_7770IMG_7771 (By age 10, I was too cool to do the movements to the morning songs.)

In second grade, Mrs. Hart wrote us all personal birthday poems, which we memorized and recited for the class. IMG_7773IMG_7774In a miniature card, Mrs. Hart also wrote me a poem for my 7th birthday. It was my first year at a new school that opened my eyes to so many things, so I love this poem most of all:IMG_7778IMG_7779The little bird flew in the door
Unsure of what she’d find,
She fluttered very daintily

Disturbed no thing of mine.

There she found a seed so sweet
A new sensation beneath her feet,
And yet the room was quite unlike
Her world of trees and berries bright.

She trilled her voice so loud and clear
And sang of things she knew,
And learned that there is something true
Inside this tiny room.

And one fine day she flew away
Her wings soared through the air,
She sang to those she met and loved
They always knew she cared!

IMG_7780IMG_7781I used to look at this fairy card from Suzan so much, I was compelled to add my own embellishments:IMG_7782Speaking of embellishment, there’s never any doubt about the sender when a Toby sticker collaged envelope arrives in the mail:IMG_7783As a wee snail, my friend Leela wanted to grow up to be a greeting card artist. I think she already was one:IMG_7784IMG_7785As for this year, one of my fabulous birthday cards came from pun master Alexandra:IMG_7786IMG_7788

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