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“R.R.” Event, 1970Performance artist Wolfgang Stoerchle (1944-1976) mysteriously matched up with Ronald Reagan.

IMG_7476Disneyland, California, 1979. Photographer Tseng Kwong Chi with his new-found friend Donald. This photograph is part of his most famous body of work, the series East Meets West/Expeditionary Series. Playing upon tourist snapshots, Chi took on the persona of “ambiguous ambassador.” Dressed in what he called his “Mao suit” and sunglasses, he shot mostly neutral self-portraits at landmarks and with icons of the western world.

Born in Hong Kong in 1950, Tseng Kwong Chi later moved to New York, becoming involved in the East Village art scene of the 1980’s. That was his decade. In 1990, he unfortunately died of AIDS at age 39. 

Check out the Tseng Kwong Chi website to see more. I found the contrast of his architecture photos and his nature shots fascinating. With buildings, statues, etc. he too tends to look monumental, and false, like he’s pasted into the photo. In the landscape pieces, on the other hand, he tends to be smaller or obscured.

 04 12

I didn’t even realize until after bringing them home that these two photography postcards cleverly double as subscription cards for a Los Angeles arts website, East of Borneo.IMG_7475IMG_7477

Look what Papa Snail brought back from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He said the air was so still, windless, that the pines were laden with snow just like this. He also enjoyed how, because the Steamboat ski resort is at a lower elevation than others, there were also aspen to wend through. 


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