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Polyester Dreams

From The Advertising Archive, London, I give you…IMG_6979



These studs don’t go to those square beaches where women wear tops. 
Bring these fabulous fashions to your life! Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts:IMG_6997

The Do’s and Don’ts 
The best looking and most fashionable legs this spring are hiding under wide bags–a comfortable, easy to wear look that every woman can take in her stride. But beware. Make sure you’re the right shape, says Suzanne Grey. Taller girls can wear all variations from the widest of wide, like those pictured right, to the straighter leg, as on the left. Smaller sisters should be more careful. Too big a leg tends to cut them in half. Slightly tighter fitted pants are much more flattering.
wear tight fitting knickers under your trousers. This kind of underwear, even on the thinnest, most flat-bottomed girl, always makes for extra lines and bulges. Especially if it’s cling cut jersey, or even worse, shiny satin trousers, you’r wearing Instead, simply wear reinforced tights. They’re an all-in-one light panty girdle and tights, made for smooth lines. Or, try knickers made from the thinnest nylon–the same kind as tights. They come in a set with wispy bra too. Keep the creases out anyway by always pressing your pants before wearing them. Usually dry cleaning will remove the worst creases and baggy knees. But if your back view is still bothering you cover it all up under a tunic or smock.
wear hipsters with short jackets or sweaters. One small movement and there is a parting of the ways showing a rather natural but very unsmart you in the middle. It’s easy to control your front view but from the back you can be an untidy mess, especially out of doors. Trousers are a casual modern way of dressing but they’re no excuse to e down-right sloppy. Go instead for long line shirts and sweaters which give you leeway to move about without falling apart.”

We wouldn’t want that.

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