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Here’s something I’ve been wanting to share for a long time. In high school, I made   a nature-focused art book out of an outdoors gear catalogue. In one section of the book, I worked off scenic postcards, photocopying their fronts and backs.IMG_6297Caption: The romantic silhouette of the Lone Cypress at sunset overlooks the Monterey Bay. Located on 17-Mile Drive in Carmel, it is one of natures most beautiful attractions on the Central California Coastline.

IMG_6298Caption: Alaskan Polar Bear sow with cubs, Ursus maritimus, on the 1002 Coastal Plain of the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge), with the Brooks Range in the background.

From an outdoors trip leader:
“AK has been really smoky lately due to numerous large wildfires…I’ve heard from a few dominoes and it sounds like everybody is good, though nobody really wants to go back to school. Can’t say I blame them! Im just gearing up for a long AK winter.”
IMG_6299Caption: The Red Castle, Nevada City, Calif. The Red Castle Inn was built before the Civil War. This “gothic revival” structure has witnessed the colorful gold rush history of Nevada City since 1860.


Caption: Point Arena LightstationEstablished in 1870, destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. The new steel reinforced concrete tower constructed in 1908 stands 115 feet tall and is one of the tallest lighthouses on the West Coast.

Mama Snail wrote:
“Dad + I have begun our drive up the coast. We’re sitting on the porch of our little cottage listening to the sealions [sic.] barking out on the rocks…arg arg arg arg Amazing. Saw a deer + little spotted faun in the meadow…The people we stayed with in Ukiah had a flock of ducks–so cute.”

Caption: Sunset at Whaleshead Beach. “The big pointy rock is Haystack Rock”–Mama Snail


Caption: Squaw Valley (California) much as it appeared to early settlers.IMG_6307

Wyoming dude ranch areaIMG_6308

Caption: At 235 feet high, Haystack Rock is the world’s third largest freestanding monolith. Its impressive silhouette, located at Cannon Beach, foregrounds (a verb?) one of the coast’s radiant
“Engaging Young People in Wilderness Expeditions, Service and Native Cultures since 1984.”

A young Snail writes home:
“Tomorrow we’re leaving the river. I love paddling in the duckies. We just watched a beautiful sunset–blues and pinks. I’m happy with my group and leaders. This morning we had an icecream [sic.] drop! A Dear [sic.] Hill leader flew his jet into the canyon while we were on the river, and dropped icecream [sic.] down to us. Also today, we all jumped off a cliff into the river.”

IMG_6310White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. Photograph by William Clift.IMG_6311IMG_6312

Tucson Mountain Park

Mama Snail wrote while on book tour:
“In Phoenix now–all sand an cactus and thorny shrubs + oleanders, Squaw Mountain + Camelback Mountain…It’s 110° here, so we’re stuck inside–had my coffee outside with my escort this morning, but she was scared of the birds, so we went in.”
IMG_6313Caption: California Roosevelt Elk. Roosevelt Elk are readily seen in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. A protected herd of 200 roam freely and graze alongside California’s Redwood highway 101.

Another from Mama Snail:
“Today we saw a herd of these Roosevelt elk. We’re staying up near the Oregon border tonight. Got to see where the Klamath River meets the sea–seals surfing in the waves, Native Americans fishing for salmon. Saw a pelican dive in + catch a fish almost too heavy for it to take off. Hope camp is fun.” 

IMG_6314Thompson River Valley, British ColumbiaIMG_6315

The postcard from a friend was the first ever received. Delivered to my preschool!

Solana Beach, CaliforniaIMG_6317IMG_6318Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

IMG_6319Caption: Cinnamon bear and her cubs

Papa Snail writes from his ski trip:
“Rode the poma lift today just for you. They call it a platter lift and it has a rope instead of a pole and wire so there is no whiplash. It was harder than I though to find a maple leaf ski hat but I did. Cloudy with snow flurries but the mountains are magnificent.”


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