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Falling for Fall

Today is the fall equinox and I can feel it! It had been very hot and sunny here in the snail garden, but a few days ago I woke up and it was completely cloudy. Suddenly it was fall. Today’s been a perfect September day–about 70 degrees, clean air and sun. Our pomegranates are ripe and the persimmons have just taken on an orange blush. Sorry, what is this, Sunset magazine? I think my love of summer is part of why I get so nostalgic in the fall. Let’s look at some postcards before I start spouting recipes for pumpkin pie. IMG_6610Tom Thomson (Canadian, 1877-1917) Autumn Foliage1915. Oil on wood, 21.6 x 26.8 cm. Art Gallery of OntarioIMG_6611From Mama Snail:
“Fall in Toronto–the trees are a color you can’t even imagine in nature–a neon-pinky-scarlet.”IMG_6612IMG_6613IMG_6614IMG_6615From Mama Snail on writing retreat:
“Salt Spring is far more sophisticated than rural San Juan–but the drill’s the same–haven’t written “The End” yet, but close. Fantastic forest hiking with island/ocean views–Jan and Cindy are wonderful hosts. There’s a stream right behind our cottage, beach-front + islands 20 yards down. People down the road are raising Tibetan yaks!” IMG_6616“RODNEY GRAHAM, Basement Camera Shop circa 1937, 2011″ Rodney Graham is an artist associated with the conceptual photography group known as the Vancouver School active in the 1980′s. IMG_6617

IMG_6618From Mama Snail on book tour, to me as a wee hatchling:
“It’s a small town with a great big college–My hotel is right near the bell tower + it’s really LOUD. Lots of good bookstores here. Hope you’re having fun camping with Dad + Alejandro’s family. With I could be there with you!”IMG_6619IMG_6620

The contrast of the maples and the holsteins makes this among my favorite location postcards. Picked it up in Middlebury, Vermont on a fall trip through New England with Papa Snail. Really like Vermont’s vibe. Not to mention the scenery! We happened to be visiting in the approximate two-week window that “leafies” wait for as the peak of the season; Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York State (I know, I know, NY’s not considered New England) densely coated in flaming foliage. Among my most naturally beautiful travel experiences.   IMG_6621The first postcard I ever received! Mailed to me at preschool from a classmate. IMG_6622IMG_6623IMG_6624

From a middle school pen-pal visiting Tokyo:IMG_6625IMG_6626IMG_6627St. Orres lodge, Gualala, CaliforniaIMG_6629

Recently, I visited a friend’s house, and she had corn mementos everywhere. She explained that they were sort of family joke gifts because her mother’s from Mitchell, South Dakota. “Home of the Corn Palace!” I exclaimed. She was surprised I knew of it, and it’s all thanks to this postcard. 

The city of Mitchell was founded in 1880. In 1892, with a population of 3,000, the city built the original Corn Palace as a gathering place for an annual harvest festival. Mitchell then built a new one in 1905. When the festival outgrew that, the city built the Corn Palace here in 1921 (renovated in the 1930′s), which serves its purpose to this day. (It also serves as one of the top ten arenas in the U.S. for high school basketball.)IMG_6631

From 1895-1905, Tsar Alexander III commissioned the building of the 16th-17th century Russian style Peter and Paul Cathedral at the Peterhof. It was then closed in 1938, I presume out of Soviet suppression of religion. During the WWII German occupation (Siege of Leningrad 1941-1944) it was damaged and used for storage. Renovation began in the 1970′s, proceeding through the ’80s. The Cathedral was finally reconsecrated in in the mid-1990′s. IMG_6632

The motorcylin’ hunting buddies take a beer break in this spoof of Vasily Perov’s “Hunters at Rest” 1871 (below).676eea479b9807c2550ebf1189c05ffeThe postcard’s from a spinoff series created by a themed restaurant in St. Petersburg called Russky Kitsch. See my other ones in this postIMG_6633IMG_6634IMG_6635


I love this painting; It’s one of my favorite art postcards. What makes it extra interesting to me is how such beautiful work is devoted to capturing a cocky young man who looks woozy after a drink or two. 

Indeed, both he and Jacques-Louis David were basically hotblooded asses. Born in 1748, the renowned painter was involved in the French Revolution at the extremist, retroactive end. A friend of Robespierre, he was essentially a dictator of art during the French Republic. Imprisoned after Robespierre’s beheading, he found another political idol in Napoleon I, leading to the development of his masterful Empire Style.With the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, David exiled himself to Brussels where, like many of Napoleon’s loyalists, he lived for the rest of his life (till 1825). This postcard features his portrait of fellow ex-pat, Turenne, one of Napoleon’s officers.IMG_6636IMG_6637IMG_6639IMG_6640Like many artists, Claudia Kunin’s art and her life are very much alike. A witchy woman in love with early Americana (Colonial, Civil War era, Western), her exquisite photographs conjure these periods like a medium at a seance. Yet her photographic techniques are often cutting-edge. See what I mean at www.claudiakunin.comIMG_6641IMG_6642Anita Bunn’s photographs, digital videos and lithographs focus on the subtleties where vegetation meets sky. Portraying those interfaces as found in unremarkable places in Los Angeles, her work draws viewers to recall the fine detail, subtlety of light, and progressive movement right outside. One such piece was recently acquired by The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)!


To me, Neil Young is the ultimate autumn musician. In fact, I was listening to the Comes A Time album while assembling this post. IMG_6644IMG_6645

A very American-feeling artist known for his dynamic watercolors, Kenneth Perrin Becker was the father of a family friend who has since set up this website of her father’s work.

Our friend carries on her dad’s craft in her own way. Residing in New York City, she keeps watercolor journals, illustrating daily life in the City. And she displays them on a website of her own. Absolutely charming! Fans of New Yorker cartoons and Eloise will adore antoniebecker.comIMG_6646

(Lisbeth Scott album, Hope is a Thing)IMG_6647IMG_6648

I like this haunted postcard because most Colorado postcards understandably feature the majestic Rockies. The state’s eastern plains aren’t accustomed to attention.IMG_6649


Are you in the fall spirit now?



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