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I went to Amoeba Music, Hollywood yesterday (the world’s largest independent record store, with smaller, wonderful locations in San Francisco and Berkeley and a whole world happenin’ online Amoeba has a wall rack where bands and promoters leave tons of postcards. An anecdote: Once, when I was leaving Amoeba with a friend, I remarked “Ooh, postcards!” as we passed by the wall rack. A guy who was browsing the rack replied with surprising annoyance, “Why does everyone call them postcards?!” I asked him, “Well, what would you call them?” “I don’t know…Fliers?” He gave off this everyone’s-an-idiot attitude, but didn’t seem so bright himself. I thought of this odd encounter as I scanned the rack at Amoeba yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any POSTCARDS I liked. They all seemed to have a ton of information crammed in, with little aesthetic interest. In response, I thought I’d share some compelling promotional music POSTCARDS, never seen on Snail’s Postcard Post before! (These are ones I’ve had for a long time, so all the dates have passed.) IMG_6097IMG_6099IMG_6100IMG_6101IMG_6103IMG_6104IMG_6105IMG_6106IMG_6107I might have shared this one once before, but, if so, I can’t find where. Can’t you just see this car bouncing with heavy bass? 

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