Snail's Postcard Post

What the Czech?


The other day I shared this vintage postcard from the former Czechoslovakia. As I said, I found it at Grandma Snail’s old shell, and can’t imagine why she had it as neither she nor Grandpa Snail speak/spoke Czech or visited Czechoslovakia. (Grandma Snail’s memory is gone or I would ask her.) 

Mama Snail’s boyfriend kindly scanned the postcard and emailed the images to a Czech friend. We received her translation today:

Sending you beautiful greetings and thoughts of you    Miloš
P.S. We spent the first night at Plumlovské lake/dam (it was still beautiful) but overnight the weather got bad when we stayed at Bystřičce and that spoiled the initial good mood. We still hope the weather will get better. Keep your fingers crossed!!!
Miloš + Mišák(?)
The connection with Grandma Snail remains a mystery…
While I’m here, keeping you abreast of my postcard findings, here are two new ones that have come my way:
IMG_5925Although I was largely disappointed in Barbara Kingsolver’s historical novel The Lacuna, I recommend picking it up at the library and just reading the scenes of the Trotsky family living in exile with Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera and their assassination. Leon Trotsky was my favorite character in the whole epic, and I also gleaned perspectives on the two artists that have stuck with me.IMG_5926
on the back:IMG_5927IMG_5928
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