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Summer Begins

IMG_5846Mama Snail’s watercolor postcard of the Santa Monica pier, California Aug. 2001IMG_5847IMG_5848IMG_5849IMG_5850To delight in all of my whimsical Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys postcards, take a peek at this post, won’t you?IMG_58511932, photographer unknown. One of two postcards that make up a letter from a former teacher of mine. An actor turned sea captain, he writes most amusing letters.IMG_5852

monday 25 october 2004
los angeles
…i’m sorry for taking so long to reply to your letter. perhaps you can’t imagine what a great pleasure it is to get a letter from a former student. yours came on a day that brought an extraordinarily unpleasant little batch of mail, four or five items each one more annoying, depressing, and scary than the one it followed. i’d saved opening them till before bed after a long day, nearly deciding to wait until the next morning. i was miserable but since i always save the good mail–letters and packages–for dessert, i opened yours last and went to sleep remembering what a happy and lucky fellow i am.
your summer sounds like a fine productive time, and i’m very happy to hear school is going well–i was very confident it would and only hoped it would make you happy. i’m sorry there are no sadistic nuns to add thrill and atmosphere to your studies. perhaps you could stir up some excitement with a radical press on campus.
i did go back to maine and stayed in the family house (where we were) and was asphyxiated by cigarette smoke–the sisters and cousins–french nieces and nephews all smoked all the time and the sisters were temper[a]mental and the niece (crystal) was a domestic terrorist, and all their friends tromped through the house all night and i mean all night–till dawn’s early light. and the workmen never got out of my house in fact they are still there.
…p.s. the flag was indeed still there when i returned but it disappeared by summer’s
end.IMG_5853IMG_5854Found this fabulous postcard at The Leechpit in Colorado Springs. For vintage treasures and a carefully culled used music selection, stop by this fun punk store if you’re ever in the Springs.

Isn’t it brilliant how the sign is in forshortened perspective, nearing profile, but is just frontal enough to be legible?

In the artist statement on her website, Patricia Chidlaw describes exactly how I feel about this painting, “While I often treat older architectural forms, I want to make it clear these are not paintings about nostalgia – all are contemporary scenes, recently observed…What I feel these mostly unpopulated places I choose to paint have in common is a potency, some kind of emotional charge that enables them to function as settings for a subjective fictional narrative.”

If you love this painting as much as I do, you might also fall for John Divola’s Isolated Houses photographs. There’s a stunning book of the series, and you can see it all on Divola’s website (click “1990s,” then “Isolated Houses”).

IMG_5857From my great-aunt and -uncle to Grandma and Grandpa Snail.

IMG_5858IMG_5859IMG_5860IMG_5861Deer Hill Expeditions is a top-notch outdoors adventure program for teens that I attended every summer of my high school years. Check out their website to learn more!IMG_5863IMG_5864IMG_5865The shows and DJ names listed on the back of this postcard are pretty groovy:
Beatnik Beach
Come to the Sunshine
Kitsch Niche
Splendor in the Grass
Easitaly! hosted by Il Facile Duo
Penthouse Party
Cocktails with Kennedy
Agent 69IMG_5866IMG_5867IMG_5868IMG_5869IMG_5870IMG_5871IMG_5872IMG_5874IMG_5875IMG_5876IMG_5877IMG_5878Found this postcard at Grandma Snail’s. Mama Snail and I have no idea how she came by it, as she doesn’t speak Czech and never visited former Czechoslovakia (nor did Grandpa Snail….as far as we know. We joke that Grandma Snail may have been a spy). Mama Snail’s boyfriend scanned the postcard today and emailed it to a Czech friend. Maybe the friend’s translation will explain the mystery. I’ll be sure to share when he hears back. If you can read this, please comment with your translation too! 

Now from Papa Snail’s side–a postcard from Grandpa Snail and one from Grandma Snail to me at camp as a wee hatchling:

Here’s to the summer!

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