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Human Physicality

I recently read Bruce Chatwin’s anthropological memoir The Songlinesin which the author journeys through the Australian Outback to learn about the Aboriginal worldview. Being that the Aboriginal clans were nomadic before British colonization, and that many Aboriginal people still go on spiritual “walkabouts,” Chatwin does much musing about how, where and, most of all, why the human species walks. 

The other night, I took part in a figure drawing session.

This morning I participated in a friend’s pilates class.

So the human form, what it can do and the range of things it can convey has been on my mind lately. IMG_5767IMG_5768img_4956

This is watercolor, not an oil painting! I can not find who the artist is. If you know, please comment! It’s not Ernie Barnes. I do know it is by a California artist, as the postcard is from the Pasadena Museum of California Art, announcing a (past) show for which 30 different collectors each contributed a California watercolor. 

I never liked this postcard, as the designer couched the painting in a big white boarder. Against gallery-white, the image just struck me as drab, depressing. It wasn’t until I first cropped it to share it on Snail’s Postcard Post some time back that I realized how dynamic it is.IMG_5769

P.V. Alekseev and B.I. Kaloev (collaborative painters?), In the Meadows
Oil on canvas, 63″ x 110″, 1967IMG_5770IMG_5771IMG_5772IMG_5773IMG_5774IMG_5775
“The Tenth Victim” Step aside, Hunger Games


(Michael “Pogo” Kortez Tattooing)IMG_5790IMG_5791Till next time, keep on moving!

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