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Picked these up the other day at my favorite Pasadena, CA coffee shop, Zona Rosa Caffe. IMG_5762IMG_5763IMG_5764And finally, here’s a postcard the Snail Family received a while ago that I’ve been waiting to share in an edition of “This Just In!”IMG_5765

(actual size 7″ x 7″)IMG_5766

In the late ’50s through early ’60s, these three mixed media artists led the No!art movement, in reaction to the commercialization of art in relationship to the birth of Pop Art in their own New York City.

Fisher, Goodman and Lurie each had a grim history with WWII–Fisher was a medic at the Battle of Normandy, Goodman a soldier, and Lurie spent four years of his adolescence in a concentration camp where his mother and sister died. It seems these ugly, heartbreaking experiences played a great role in their chaffing at the superficial insincerity they encountered in the art world.  

The BOX Gallery exhibitions runs through June 15. The gallery’s press release notes that it is “the first exhibition in Los Angeles to include these three revolutionary artists together, with the majority of this work never having been shown in LA.” I want to go!

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