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Yesterday I shared two postcards from WWII soldiers to Grandma Snail. I believed one of them was from the romeo who wrote tons of letters to her on the backs of snapshots of himself and army life. I sifted through her many war pictures and letters today, and discovered I was mistaken. Based on handwriting and photos, I figured out the real sender of the postcard. I’m going to make you wait till tomorrow to see Romeo’s bundle of snapshot letters. Today, I thought I’d introduce you to the author of the postcard, Jay, as well as the possible sender of the other WWII postcard I shared, and some other boys I met in my digging.

Jay’s postcard:IMG_5667IMG_5668IMG_5669Jay:IMG_5680

A tad bigger than actual size.  


(A tad bigger than actual size. There were so many sizes of film and print paper in use then, and home developing allowed for creative cutting, so I think the digital-era image processing here is rather confused.)

Murray’s postcard:IMG_5670IMG_5671IMG_5672I think one of the fellas below might be Murray because it’s the only photo I found of sailors. Doesn’t the one on the right look like Frank Sinatra?IMG_5686IMG_5687(stamped on the back)

Here are photos I found of other war years snail mail beaus of Grandma Snail’s. I don’t know if she knew any of them personally–perhaps friends from high school or family friends’ sons–or if she ever wrote to servicemen who were signed up to receive letters of support (especially from young women) as was widely encouraged at the time. IMG_5688

(bigger than actual size)
Dated 6/11/45. I can’t make out his name, can you?

A photo postcard!

The sender is on the right where he wrote “me.” (By his friend he wrote “lt.” (lieutenant) but I can’t make out the name.) “Auxerre France 21 July 45”IMG_5690IMG_5691IMG_5692 Any idea what “teh.” is short for? Did he mean “the”?IMG_5694A little bigger than actual size, and it’s a little clearer in person. This might be the same guy as in the previous photo.IMG_5695(bigger than actual size)IMG_5697IMG_5698

See you tomorrow for the photos and messages from Grandma Snail’s greatest wartime admirer. 

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