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Love to Boston

IMG_5306IMG_5307IMG_5308IMG_5309IMG_22214 postcards of Paul Revere’s house, 19 North Square, Boston
The first caption: “Paul Revere owned this house in North Square from 1770 to 1800. He lived here during his active involvement in the American Revolution. The house, built in 1680, is the only wooden structure surviving from 17th century Boston. It was 90 years old when Revere moved here with his family.”

IMG_2222Bell in courtyard of the Paul Revere house. Cast by Revere 1804

IMG_4842Grandma Snail’s step-father’s father, 1911. Sent from his adopted city of Boston to the folks back in Warsaw. IMG_4843IMG_5310IMG_5313IMG_5314


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5 thoughts on “Love to Boston

  1. Ronnie Stein on said:

    Hi Allison,
    Well, finally, someone was able to translate the 1911 postcard sent by my grandfather! This morning at a wedding brunch for my best friend’s son & daughter-in-law, I showed the postcard to a New York cousin of my best friend. Loosely translated: “My dearest sister. I haven’t heard from you. How are you? I am well. Things are good. With Love.”

    • So we finally know! Thanks for sticking with it, Ronnie, and for sharing with me. I see what my next post will be:) By the way, what was your grandfather’s name? Best to you and yours.

      • Ronnie Stein on said:

        My grandfather’s name was Elias Ross. He was married to my grandmother, Reva Ross. Reva was pregnant with your grandmother’s step-father, Hal, when Elias came to the US. (He was sponsored by an aunt.) Reva came to the US about a year after Hal was born. My brother Steve’s son’s middle name is Elias and my sister Shelley’s daughter’s middle name is Elise. Both middle names are in my grandfather’s honor.

        Glad to have been of some help to you, Allison. Warm regards, Ronnie

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