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Flea Circus

The second Saturday of each month brings a flea market to my neighborhood…IMG_5288I didn’t find any postcards there, but I did pick up some creative folks’ business cards
IMG_5427  IMG_5428
It’s the 10th anniversary of this husband and wife team’s printshop where they silkscreen graphics for all sorts of things, from high profile bands’ concert posters to events at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. No wonder their business card is so well designed!
IMG_5429  IMG_5430
This unusually shaped business card is about the size of a matchbook, and represents the shop of another husband and wife team that have been making things together since high school! Through Goat and Kettle, they craft jewelry, particularly rings, from old keys. Today they also had some very cool old doorknobs and padlocks. IMG_5431IMG_5432Dig Thriftique sells vintage clothing, jewelry and household items as well as those from current L.A. designers. Of all the stalls at the swap meet, it was the most fun to poke around because it’s a boutique on wheels–a taco truck-style caravan! There was an array of exquisite antique cosmetic accessories–a compact from the Worlds Fair, a deco box from a 1920’s or ’30s facial powder, a little bottle of perfume with its own embroidered case and mirror to take in your purse… And the owner used clever means of display–a standup grater instead of an earring tree, and a metal rake-head fastened to the wall so the tines served as coat hooks!


I hadn’t been to the flea market since November, but the vendor at this shop recognized me! I’m usually the one to recognize people, so I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t remember this groovy gal. But when she gave me her card, I immediately recognized the face of the flowerchild in the shop’s logo, because it was on the postcard the owner had given me last time we met:

After checking out the flea market, I popped across the street to the quirky little thrift store Berda Paradise. I’ve found a number of interesting postcards there, and today I discovered one that I don’t even know what to make of:


I’m completely intrigued by this photograph. Further, I’m not convinced it’s a postcard, but can’t think of what else it would be. It looks like a standard postcard, but it’s glued to a piece of cardstock, like a photo frame backing. But I don’t think a frame company would use this as a sample photo. The cardstock is beveled to align perfectly with the “postcard,” which is too well attached for me to even peel back a corner. Do you have an answer to the mystery?

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