Snail's Postcard Post

Women’s History Month

Last month I had fun sharing postcards with you in celebration of Black History Month. Now that it’s March, the declarers of U.S. national holidays have thrown another extended jubilee out there: Women’s History Month. So I’ll be bringing you a week of posts devoted to awesome women. For the kickoff WHM post today,   I give you a mix of postcards, like a sampler of the variety of women to be honored throughout the week.








on reverse side:



on reverse side:




The Hat Museum is a must for anyone in Portland, Oregon with a sense of curiosity. The proprietress, Alice, is peeking from the postcard’s corner. She’s a thoroughly Edwardian lady, and the only way to visit her establishment is by reservation. It’s a delightful adventure for a small group of friends. With a flare for performance and comic timing, Alice will lead you from room to room of her purple house (coincidentally the home of a milliner at the turn of the century), educating you in the history of headwear, with 1,000 examples at hand–-over 120 years of men’s hats, women’s hats, designer hats, hats from movies, and complete novelties. There’s even a gift shop where you can get a fancy headpiece for yourself.


on reverse side:


(I highly recommend this film…as if you haven’t seen it already, darling.)



Yes, the photo was taken by that Greg Mortenson, the controversial founder of The Central Asia Institute who wrote the seemingly somewhat fabricated memoir “Three Cups of Tea.” I have no idea about The Central Asia Institute’s credibility, but I love this CAI postcard. I think it’s one of my favorite photograph cards. The woman in the center seems to be raising six children in squalor, but still she and one of the kids share a laugh. She is the anchor that makes this a loving family portrait. And with her vibrant headdress, she particularly displays the beauty that persists in a struggling society.


Caption: Prayers performed as part of a tooth-filing ceremony in Peliatan.

Check back tomorrow for postcards of art by women! 



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