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And I Thought that was All

By the time I finished packing her for her move a few days ago, I thought I’d found all the postcards Grandma Snail has kept over the years. (See January 5, 11, 12, and 14 posts.) But while sorting Grandma Snail’s family photographs that I’d simply boxed in the jumble they were in, Mama Snail found a whole other batch!


IMG_4869(a cousin’s exhibition)


Piazzetta San Marco, Venice


From friends of Grandma and Grandpa Snail. It looks like the postmark says ’74 and that the postcard was mailed in Greece. Their cruise must have stopped there after visiting Venice, Italy and Dubrovnik, Croatia.









(from myself as a young snail)


IMG_4882 IMG_4883

From Mama Snail, June 17, 2003
Made it to our first stop. Seville is muy fantastico. We got on Spanish time just fine–get up early, sightsee, lunch at 2, then sleep till 6 or seven, stay up to 1 or 2 am. So far saw 2 nights of flamenco and one concert of Sephardic music, plus sightseeing. We hung out here at the Pl. de Espana, painted + were befriended by a couple of young vendors.”



from Grandma and Grandpa Snail’s trip



As you can see, The Madonna Inn is one of California’s legendary pieces of Americana. Located on a big plot of land on the Central California coast, the exterior is in the Swiss style, while each of the 110 rooms is decorated in a different theme–the Caveman Room, the Safari Room, the Highway Suite… There’s also the Gold Rush Dining Room, a rock waterfall urinal in the men’s room, and leaded glass windows depicting ranching, logging and construction scenes. A teenage Mama Snail stayed with her family in the España Room in the postcard above circa 1970.  Grandpa Snail, an engineer, knew the owner, construction magnate Alex Madonna, who founded the inn in 1958. 




IMG_4891 IMG_4892

from myself as a wee snail:
This [is] called a Borong [sic. Barong]. A costume of a mythacle [sic.] animal that is in a play that we have seen and It’s believed to keep evil away. We’ve been to alot [sic.] of dances, temples, and seen many beuatiful [sic.] views. Today me and my mom took a class on doing batik. We’re both doing a canvis [sic.] batik. I hope this gets there before I do!”


Caption: Prayers performed as part of a tooth-filing ceremony in Peliatan.


from Mama Snail




another from my younger self

IMG_4898(The postmark betrays that I mailed this card from Pasadena once I returned home to Southern California.)


Another linen-type Wyoming postcard. Must be from the same trip of Grandma and/or Grandpa Snail’s as the ones in the January 5 post.


(I think the writer meant “…in each direction.”) 



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