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Postcards from Alexandra

Today is the birthday of one of my oldest, dearest friends, Alexandra the Mermaid. She has sent and given me a number of lovely postcards over the years, so I thought now would be a good time to feature them together.













This postcard is not from Alexandra but it reminds me of her. The two of us published a monthly zine in middle school, and we used this photograph for the cover of the first issue. It established the sensibility for all the covers to come–ironic without being bitter, vintage-appreciative, culturally in on the joke. We found the photograph in a second-rate book on classic Hollywood and had never seen it anywhere else. But within a year, this photo started cropping up other places, and the quality of our zine covers became popular. That sensibility is now captured in all sorts of print materials, particularly Fotofolio postcards and MikWright greeting cards, (appropriately, for me). Not that Alex and I were trend setters–only about forty people got our zine. It’s just one of those funny experiences many of us have had of finding that you were just ahead of the curve.

In fact, long after the end of our zine, Alex sent me the postcard below, because, as she notes in the P.S., it would have worked perfectly as one of our covers.




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