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Di Sicilia

A series of stunning postcards have arrived from Sicily thanks to Francesca, a thoughtful follower of Snail’s Postcard Post. Francesca lives in the city of Trapani on Sicily’s westernmost tip. Doesn’t her home look like a Mediterranean dream?





IMG_4488 IMG_4490





I couldn’t resist researching into this. The mythology of Erice is linked in with its name. Legend has it that Venus brought Butes, one of the Argonauts, to this mountain after she rescued him from drowning by the Sirens. Venus of course ravished Butes and they had a son named Eryx (Erice). Because of their shared mother, Virgil wrote of Eryx and Aeneas as brothers. Erice is not a particularly large mountain, but it appears so because it is unconnected to any other mountain, making for a majestic single feature. This is why Aeneas, the legend goes, established a temple to Venus there. The temple gathered rather an occult following. The Normans then built a castle atop the temple site, making an archeological lasagna, as the Normans always did.



For more armchair travel to Sicily, check out Francesca’s blog Saucy Siciliana . For more Italian postcards, take a look at this previous Postcard Post. 



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