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Russia Week Day 7: Russky Kitsch

Through postcards, we’ve spent the week reflecting on the grand and dramatic history, architecture, and art of Russia. But when it comes to this notoriously passionate, intellectual, severe country, I think it’s important to remember to LIGHTEN UP! So for the Postcard Post Russia Week finale, I present ‘Russky Kitsch.’


Pottery with Putin


IMG_4426Postcard from The International Spy Museum, Washington D.C.


Stock the office restroom with quality paper towels or you’ll have a revolution on your hands!

And finally a postcard series I’ve been wanting to share for ages from a clever themed St. Petersburg restaurant, Russky Kitsch. They’re spoofs of famous paintings, mostly nostalgic ones from the Peredvizhniki school. 


Lenin suspects this peasant is trying to poison him.

Mashup of “Fans of Nightingales” and “Lenin Lives”:


Vladimir Makovsky “Fans of Nightingales” 1872-73
(image from Wiki Paintings

UnknownViktor Semenovich Ivanov 1967, poet Vladimir Mayakovsky quote “Lenin Lived, Lenin Lives, Lenin Will Live!”
(image from Bridgeman Art



The motorcylin’ hunting buddies take a beer break in this spoof of Vasily Perov’s “Hunters at Rest” 1871

Unknown-1(image from International Youth NET–Book on the Arts 



Leonid Brezhnev apparently decided to cut loose with a cameo in “Porgy and Bess.” Fats Waller finds it most amusing.



This grinning fellow steals Marlon Brando’s thunder in “Mutiny on the Bounty.” If you recognize our new hero, please comment! He looks like a Bollywood leading man or a martial arts film star.  



Mashup of one of Eanger Irving Couse’s Native American hunters, and one of bathers, probably Russian. …And a modern tractor’s thrown in for good measure. If you recognize the bathers, please comment! 

(image from Man in the Maze



Michael Jackson gets his Ochi Chernye on with the folk in Vladimir Makovsky’s “On the Boulevard” 1887


(image from Russian Art Gallery


Do svidanija! 

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