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Russia Week Day 6: Advertysmientski


St. Petersburg production of a Dostoyevsky play


Christmas art fair in St. Petersburg. But because of the illustration, I like to imagine it’s an art theft detectives convention.


Flying Dutchman (or Skating Granny) Fitness Center, which is apparently also a restaurant and bar.


Protest against the building of a natural gas tower on a St. Petersburg historical site. 


Now that I’ve found out what it says, I’ve learned I should have posted this postcard with the St. Petersburg ones earlier this week. This postcard commemorates the reconstruction of The Church of the Fyodor’s Icon of the Mother of God. Consecrated in 1913 in celebration of the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty, the church was closed, used as a dairy barn, and largely destroyed in the Soviet era. Not until the 2000’s did reconstruction begin. According to info on the back of this postcard, it should be complete next year (2013). The front of the postcard says:

3,000,000 Bricks
26,450,000 Tons of Cement
7.5 Kilograms of Gold
Years of Work


“Musical Anatomy: The Independent Generation” Apparently book about Russian ’90s indie rockers.  

Tomorrow’s the last day of Russia Week, and I’m putting on a finale of Russky kitsch. Don’t miss it!


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