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Caption: El Morro, started in 1540, is the oldest European construction in the National Park Service. It is part of a massive fortification system developed on the island of Puerto Rico to help Spain control access and commerce into the Caribbean until the Spanish American War in 1898.

My first postcard from Puerto Rico! A childhood friend moves about as a sales rep for a jewelry company. After a few seasons in Alaska, the company has stationed her to thaw in San Juan. She sent this postcard with a lovely note and a little blown glass green frog modeled after the regional frogs called coquís

 “…I thought you might like to see El Morro fort and the city of Old San Juan. The fort is one of my favorite parts of about [sic.] San Juan. It’s where I like to go running after work. The old stone walls and history keeps me excited & happy after the long hours. It’s especially beautiful at night & I hope you can come see it someday, you’d love it. Also the little frog is called a Coquí. They’re usually brown but this guy was pretty cute so it[‘]s not an exact image but artistically embellished. They’re all over Puerto Rico and they are so tiny! I’ve never seen one but I can hear them chirrping [sic.] all night; they’re so loud…”  

Here’s a picture of a real coquí on a person’s thumb






Red Hen Press, based in Pasadena, California, is a small publishing house devoted to poetry, literary fiction and nonfiction. Red Hen also roosts upon two unique imprints–Arktoi Books for literary fiction and poetry by lesbian authors, and Boreal Books for literature and art books by Alaskan authors. Additionally, this small press is a vigorous force behind community literacy projects, and is supported by virtually all of Los Angeles’ literary community. 

Halloween leftovers I’ve found:


top: acrylic collage by Liz Reday
bottom: print by Albert Beach

Check in again tomorrow when the long awaited RUSSIA WEEK begins!

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