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5 Days to Halloween: Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos (the Mexican national holiday ‘Day of the Dead’) is not actually until November 1-2, but in the U.S., many Dia de los Muertos festivals have been taking place today, being a Saturday. I attended one at a cemetery just this evening. So as I’m in the spirit (no pun intended), here’s Postcard Post’s celebration of this festive, creative and personal holiday.

   ¡Hey there!
I just returned from a mini trip to the desert. Palm Desert to be exact. I rode golf carts with the old folks, swam with leering old men in bannana [sic] slingers, and bought a pair of dentures. (Not really) This all happened at my grandma’s house in a retirement community. Big su[r]prise there! Last night, Liza Minnel[l]i played The Bowl. There were numerous fabulous gay men in attendence [sic.]. I was called sweetheart at least a dozen times. I didn’t go to Sunset Junction. :( I had to work. So sad… I drive by the Astro Burger near your house on a regular basis. I am always reminded of Allison. I took a trip to Amoeba the other day and bought a Sonic Youth and Elastica albums. You should check Elastica out. They are a British band from the 90’s. They have the 90’s sound down.

By muy  L.A. artist Germs 

A boy’s imagination changes the face of Lotería (sorry the tiles appear so small)

 ¡Ello puppet!
I’m glad the James Dean liscense [sic.] is being put to good use, included is a little nick-nak from Chinatown. I thought you could hang it on your dorm wall. Let’s see…what have I been up to? Yesterday I quickly consumed a delicious salad at the Alcove on Hillhurst. Today I think I will venture to Millie’s for lunch, perhaps a grilled cheese sandwich. Tommorrow [sic.] is The Grand Avenue Festival. I am going to be the smiling mannequin behind the MOCA booth. Oh, and next weekend is the Eaglerock music festival, it is completely FREE ! Yes, that’s right FREE !! How could I miss that? The line-up is a bunch of local bands, hopefully I will expand my musical horizons.

There are only a couple of concerts left at the Bowl. Tonight is Yo Yo-Ma [Yo-Yo Ma], and the first couple of days in October is Neil Diamond, it should be an easy show. The audience is not going to storm the stage in their walkers. I think my grandparents are going to that concert. :) Makes sense. After the bowl I have to find another job. I hear The Wiltern is hearing [hiring], which would be a pretty cool gig. We’ll see.

Sending rainbows + sunshine your way.

See you back here tomorrow for Day 4 of the countdown to Halloween when I’ll be sharing postcards of Horror Movies. Bring your own popcorn!

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