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7 Days to Halloween: The Unheimlich

One week till Halloween! On this day of the Halloween postcard series, I’ve selected postcards that emit a feeling of unheimlich. I’ve heard and read this term more in the past year than ever before, so I suspect this fascinating topic is currently understood by a fairly broad public. But here’s a short explanation anyway: Unheimlich is a Freudian term that describes our sense of unease when something is familiar, yet off somehow. In English, unheimlich is generally translated as “the uncanny.”  

I don’t think Rick Araluce has a website at the moment, but it only takes a Google image search to see pages of his absorbing dioramas. You can’t mistake them for anyone else’s!

Like many artists, Claudia Kunin’s art and her life are very much alike. A witchy woman in love with early Americana (Colonial, Civil War era, Western), her exquisite photographs conjure these periods like a medium at a seance. Yet her approach is current. Kunin often shoots digitally, and the postcard below is only seen to full effect with 3-D glasses! Oppositely, and yet the same, she created another series in the form of stereoscope slides! Check out

I believe this is from a play. If you can read Russian, please comment! I’d love to know what it says.
(By the way, a while back I said I’d spend a week in October–for the October Revolution–sharing my many Russian postcards. I didn’t forget! Rather, I found out that, by the current Gregorian calendar, the uprising really took place in November–October on the old Julian calendar. So we’ll do it next month!)

 reverse side:

Tomorrow’s Halloween postcard theme is Sinfully Sexy, so strip down to your long johns, you devil, you!





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