Snail's Postcard Post

50th Postiversary!

Welcome to the 50th installment of Snail’s Postcard Post! I’ve been enjoying this project so much and hope you have too, or, if you’re new ’round these parts, that you will now. Today I bring you a full-bodied edition of ‘This Just In!’ 

I’ve picked up a lot of new postcards in the past few days. First, this came by snail mail:


At right: The enormous pipe organ Frank Gehry designed based on a carton of french fries!  

Mama Snail and I dressed in our Roaring ’20s best for the Disney Hall Organ and Film Halloween event a few years ago (it was “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”(1920) with John Barrymore) and it was a scream. I recommend it. 

After that delightful event announcement arrived, I journeyed to Pasadena, where I stopped in at the colorful, cozy Mexican cafe Zona Rosa. This favorite spot of mine had so many postcards out for the taking:



After some refreshing iced tea at Zona Rosa–it was far too hot for their delicious Mexican cocoa or their house coffee (I learned they roast special Old California-evoking blends for the Gene Autry Museum)…anyway, after that, I had to stop in at Vroman’s Bookstore, of course! There I procured these wonderful black and white photography postcards:

 Vroman’s even had a classic postcard of its former bookmobile!

 Speaking of my visit to Vroman’s, I noticed that at the Laemmle Playhouse theater  nextdoor, the documentary on Diana Vreeland was playing! Remember when I shared the promotional postcard in a post about a week ago?

 The postcard misled me to think it was only showing in the one place and the one day (which I’d already missed) listed. So I was so excited to see that the Laemmle was playing it, Mama Snail and I returned to Pasadena last night to see it. It was so engaging, so much fun! I’m still thinking about it. See this movie if you can!


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